Fan’s View: Inside the World of Fanfiction

« Fanfiction. » Few words are as capable of inviting so much scorn, incite so much passionate debate over copyright, or bring on such a case of the shuddering horrors. When the gaming community talks fanfiction, it always seems to revolve around anecdotes of petty rages between nutty authors, atrocious grammar, substandard characterization, and any number of kinky tales that mate Pokémon trainers with seemingly every species of Pokémon available.

But fanfiction, often abbreviated as « fanfic, » isn’t exclusively the pastime of drama-loving hacks. Though fanfic garners enough bad press to fill a library basement, it can also encourage young writers to find their voice, re-ignite an old fan’s love for a fandom — never a bad thing to happen for the creators — and help established writers wind down after toiling over their own characters and worlds.

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